Can Celine Thrive Without Slimane?


The fashion world is currently abuzz with speculation circulating about Hedi Slimane’s potential departure from Celine. Slimane finds himself entangled in a complex contract negotiation with owner LVMH—a situation that could potentially mark the end of an era.

Image courtesy: BOF

Since assuming the helm of Celine in 2018, Slimane has left an indelible mark on the brand, expanding its portfolio into menswear, couture, fragrances, and beauty. Yet, as discussions with LVMH unfold, the future of his tenure remains uncertain.

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Despite initial skepticism, Slimane’s distinctive aesthetic—characterized by all-black, slim-fit designs—has resonated with consumers, propelling Celine to unprecedented revenue heights exceeding $2.1 billion in 2023.

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However, Slimane’s impact extends beyond aesthetics – his innovative method of presenting collections through extravagant movies has enriched Celine’s brand narrative. Interestingly, BOF reported that these cinematic ventures are more expensive than traditional fashion shows. However, depsite the elevated costs associated, they have become synonymous with Slimane’s creative boundaries.

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Image courtesy: Le MILE Magazine

As LVMH explores potential successors and contingency plans, the fate of Celine hangs in the balance. This begs the question – can Celine survive without Slimane? The brand has a history of resilience, surviving the departure of Phoebe Philo, despite the initial disgruntled murmurs from loyal Philophiles. Celine persisted, adapting to new visions and answers. Celine has weathered transitions before, and we’re certain it can do it again, in style.

As the industry holds its breath, one thing is certain: whether Slimane stays or goes, Celine’s legacy of reinvention will endure.