Can You Really Get a Taste of The Hermès Experience for $67? Pucker up


As promised, Rouge Hermès launched March 4, 2020 and did not disappoint. The response was an overwhelming success. In keeping with its elite Hermès experience, the brilliantly designed outer packaging was the big surprise.

Like a brand new Birkin or Kelly, the unboxing is an event to be enjoyed. Each beautifully designed lipstick case comes in an uncharacteristic Hermès off white box. Upon opening the box, you start to experience the thrill of purchasing something from Hermès. The tiny signature orange box peeks out. As it slides open the anticipation builds, like all Hermès unboxings. What is inside? What color lipstick? Satin or Matte? Inside is a perfectly fitted canvas dust bag which snuggly holds the elegantly designed lipstick case. Immediately, you realize this is more than just lipstick. It is an entire Hermès experience, for a mere $67.

Hermès has brilliantly devised a plan, with its new metièr, to attract new buyers at an affordable price while still offering them the complete Hermès experience.

In keeping with its advertising campaign, Orange turns Red, Hermès also introduced new limited edition shopping bags. They have an ombre effect and accompany your purchase in store. Have you purchased your new lipstick yet?