Counterfeit Designer Handbags Seized at Consignment Facility


New Orleans U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working in Shreveport, Louisiana recently seized a box containing numerous counterfeit luxury items. The items seized included 10 designer outfits and 35 designer purses and wallets, which have an estimated value of $69,240 had they been authentic.

Image courtesy: CBP

The variety box in question was shipped from the Philippines and was destined for a private residence in Arkansas. What was supposed to be a collection of “local-made ladies’ dresses” turned out to be a treasure trove of designer clothing, purses, and wallets, all bearing counterfeit logos from luxury brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, among others. 

CBP’s vigilant trade experts swiftly identified the fake goods, leading to an immediate seizure of the counterfeit haul. Counterfeiters may think they can slip through the cracks, but CBP’s dedication to protecting legitimate businesses and consumers from the damaging effects of counterfeit products is unwavering.

Shreveport Port Director James Norris commented on the latest shipment of counterfeit goods:

“Purchasing counterfeit items whether at a flea market, black market, or online is illegal. It hurts the trademark holders and their employees who rely on the income of legitimate sales.  Counterfeiters fund transnational criminal enterprises and when consumers purchase goods from illegitimate sources, they become complicit in financing these criminal enterprises.”

This seizure is part of CBP’s ongoing efforts to combat intellectual property rights (IPR) violations and safeguard the nation’s economy. A total of 24.5 million shipments of counterfeit items were seized by CBP in 2022. These seized goods would have been worth nearly $3 billion if they had been authentic. 

CBP continues to raise awareness about the dangers associated with counterfeit products – through their educational initiative, they are informing and ensuring consumers make responsible purchasing decisions. 

Everyone needs to play their part in combating counterfeiting. CBP encourages individuals with information about illegally imported counterfeit merchandise to report it via the e-Allegation system. To learn more about CBP’s efforts and the impact of counterfeit goods, visit their official website.

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