Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage Pride!


This past Friday, the Supreme court ruled that same-sex couples can marry nationwide! The ruling was divided among the justices: 5 (for) to 4 (against). Ultimately, the decision passed and today many people in cities all over the US are participating in Pride Parades to celebrate the new civil right.

This civil rights ruling is a huge victory and milestone for gay rights advocates. Until this past week, same-sex marriage was legal in a few states but there was still heavy resistance and prejudice. There’s a long, violent history of social and political discrimination against the LGBTQ community. The Stonewall riots almost 46 years ago kicked off the modern-day gay rights civil movement, and the progress towards more equality comes with lots of joy!

Below are pictures from the pride celebration in Chicago. Post any pride pictures or comments below to celebrate this great moment with our BopTalk family!

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More pictures from the Chicago parade:

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