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Our dear Pursebop has perfectly covered the story on Chanel’s new pricing strategy, so we have an estimate on how much a CC bag costs in the USA, Europe and Asia… But what about in other countries? I’ve just come across this picture of a Chanel Boy bag (my ultimate dream bag) that’s on display today at a CC store in Brazil and almost fell on my back… Yes, you’re seeing correctly, a Boy bag in Brazil is costing over 19k (in our currency)…. What about in your country? How much is a Boy bag, or any other CC bag costing? All I know is for me, the Boy bag is further and further away at each day that passes (specially if considering buying it in Brazil)…

Picture credits: pegueibode’s snapchat

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You’re right, Pati! And because our government is so corrupt and broke right now, they are looking for ways in which to get more money from the refular joe. The Receita Federal at the airports is taxing everyone with Chanel (and other expensive bags) if these bags were not purchased in Brasil. So, if you don’t have the receipt (which people normally never carry around) they will charge you 100% of the price of the purse. If you do have the receipt, they will “only” charge you 70% over the price of the bag?. This happened to me just this last April?? that’s extorsion IMO and a veiled dictatorship, but I digress….look at me getting all political in our purse board ?
Luxury items are ridiculously expensive in our country?

  • PatiEv
    I´ve heard about this happening (customs taxing people with luxury bags even though they bought them in BR just because they didn´t have the receipt with them) and think this is ridiculous and revolting… it´s really sad to see such an incredible country destroy itself with corruption and bad leadership :( I can imagine your anger when customs taxed you… were you carrying the bag on your shoulder or did they ask you to open your luggage? I always travel with my Fendi Peekaboo and even though it definetely does not look new I still try to hide the brand when I go through customs, hahaha I usually never carry anything that could be taxed and was never asked to open my luggage, but we hear so many stories that we become paranoid… oh, and it´s impossible not to get political about this, even on our purse board hahaha beijão
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