Chanel Lets You Wear Your iPhone... But No Room for Sanitizer or Mask


Talk about minimalism. Strap on your phone and go… with the latest tech accessory from Chanel. A phone case for your iPhone 11 Pro on a chain and intertwined leather strap. It’s got all the hallmarks of classic Chanel plus a shoulder protector… and it’s hot pink. Look at the bold quilting, the oversized leather and metal entwined CC logo. Clearly taking a page from the Chanel 19 with the two tone hardware.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Chanel produced phone cases or even those on straps. However, past versions on straps at least pretended to be purses with room for extra items. This one is for the phone only. Not only can’t you fit a credit card or cash, but forget about the mask and sanitizer.

Yet… it’s awfully cute. Retailing at $1275 (which is about $600 more than Chanel phone cases without straps). There’s also a black version but it lacks the shoulder protector. And Chanel promotes more designs available in store.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Is a strap worth $600? Let us know.

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