Chanel May Call Foul on This New Bag Collab


Remember that Chanel hula hoop bag from what seems a lifetime ago? It was the talk of the 2013 runway: a chanel flap attached to a big structured circle resembling that age-old toy and hip slimmer. It was a looooook, for sure, and one not many could carry off, particularly in the largest size.

Kris Kardashian sported a couple, maybe paying homage to the basketball players her daughters dated LOL.

Like mother like daughter, Kourtney Kardashian also carried a bright yellow version.

Now, the NBA is partnering with brand nana-nana to make bags eerily reminiscent of the hula hoop bag, albeit with basketball orange bag sections and logos to match your favorite team. The white circular frame resembles a basketball hoop (which is much like a hula hoop). However,
At first (and second and third) glance, this new bag looks just like Chanel’s quirky one.

What do you think? Is this a championship repeat? Will Chanel call foul?

Photo Credit: WWD, Daily Mail UK, Pinterest