Chanel Mini Mystery Solved


Remember those to-die-for adorable super mini flaps Chanel shows with its Metiérs D’Arts collection 2019-20?
Read Chanel Metiérs D’Art 2020 With a Little Flap and a Bird Cage. Really. We kept searching and searching the Chanel website for some version of tiny sac, to no avail. Indeed, you still won’t find it… on its own anyway.

It turns out that the cuties are part of the boxed set of four petite Chanel bags we wrote about recently.Read The Chanel Quilted Chest with 4 Mini Bags The Set is on the website – albeit without a listed price tag. But, Chanel’s description of ensembles completed by the bag, the mini flap is identified.

So, what are they doing with the other three bags of the set? Any ideas, lol?

Photo courtesy: IG@chanelofficiel