Chanel Side-Pack Bags - Functional Genius, or Shamelessly Showy?


Handbag-OCD is a real phenomenon. I’d know, since I’ve ruined plenty of Zara rucksacks knitpicking on bumpy edgecoat (those are poison to my eyes!).

But it seems like for Spring/Summer 2019, Chanel took handbag-OCD to an entirely new dimension with the Chanel Side-Packs, which allows you to carry one flap on each side – talk about perfect symmetry! Released in gorgeous shades of white, red, yellow, beige and black and in three sizes – the small (5.9″ x 7.0″ x 1.2″), the medium at 6.2″ x 7.4″ x 2.3″ and the large (8.6″ x 10.5″ x 4.3″) – the Side-Packs were a true sight to behold, and the models donning the handbag-duo promenading across a makeshift beach in the Grand Palais only added to its cheery summery vibe! Plus, the medium also came in an imitation-pearl version, as well an all-over denim edition with an overall squarer, more rugged design.

Now, however, this pricey purse-couple, once touted as the new It-design, has been seemingly discontinued, even though influencers and media darlings, like Ayla Dimitri and Alia Bhatt, have been snapped up by the paparazzi rocking the two-sided look, and we decided to investigate why.

Do you feel it’s excessively tacky (way too many C’s in one place), especially since they can’t even be detached and used separately? Or are you a super-organized type-A person (with handbag-OCD) who likes to define the territory for each of your miscellaneous paraphernalia? And what with Chanel flaps already being notoriously difficult to organise, this could be Chanel’s answer to all your functionality problems, and one you can rock like a backpack too if you tire of the crisscross-crossbody look.

I, for one, can perfectly imagine using this on casual outings as a chic-er alternative to the fanny pack, and one in which you can smuggle a complementary mint or two on dates too! Plus, the duo makes your hips look slimmer – win-win? Absolutely!

Picture Courtesy:
1. Chanel Side Pack Bag @TheRealReal 
2. Ayla Dimitri @ayladimitri 
3. Chanel SS19 @PurseBop