Dior Handbag Prices Are Going Up


Counting down the days until the latest price increase for your favorite Dior bag. Beginning July 1, 2022, you’ll be paying more for that Book Tote, Lady Dior, Bobby, Saddle, and the rest. Just how much more? Word is that the hike is 6%.

In practical (and actual) terms, as of July the $3500 large book tote in Dior Oblique will cost $3710 (give or take). The same bag in large leopard print (aka Multicolor Mizza Embroidery) rises to over four grand, about $4,028.

Of course, for the more expensive bags, the dollar price will go up more. The outlay for the stunning Small Lady Dior MyABC Dior Bag rises from $5300 to over $5600, for example.

Six percent probably isn’t catastrophic for most buyers. Nor does it approximate the double digit percentage hikes Chanel has recently inflicted on its customers. On the other hand, it’s not nothing. Two, three, four hundred extra dollars adds up (and expands further with U.S. state sales tax).

So, folks, you know what to do . . . You’ve got three more days (June 28, 29, 30) to visit your Dior boutique and buy, buy, buy.

Here’s hoping what you want is in stock. Let us know what you get.