Do You Want Kylie Jenners Sterling Silver Hermès Mini Kelly?


Kylie Jenner Goes for Silver… the Sterling Silver Hermès Mini Kelly

As if you weren’t already envious (or at least admiring) of the collective Kar-Jenner handbag closets, Kylie Jenner wins the medal for this one… It’s the uber-rare Kelly 15 made of sterling silver!!! That’s right… this isn’t a piece of silver jewelry, or a bag charm. Rather, it’s an actual functioning metallic Kelly bag. This bag is one of the five (yes FIVE!!!) Hermès bags making up Kylie’s Christmas haul.

To be fair, it doesn’t open or close like a typical Kelly, It is made of silver, after all. Part of the bag front, drops forward to open. No leather strap here, either. Instead, the bag includes a sterling silver Chaine d’Ancre strap. Call it a bag and a necklace. Plus… as much as we love those orange boxes, this one has its own special presentation box, much like the one storing your favorite necklace. You’ve got to see the detailed photos here. 

Although a real bag, it is mini or micro mini sized. Remember as a K15, it is (obviously) smaller than the already petite K20. This one measures about 5.5” wide and 4” tall. In other words, while it will fit a credit card, cash, and lipstick, we can’t promise your phone makes the cut. But, then again, Kylie probably has someone to hold her device.

Photos courtesy Greenwich Luxury Auctions & @kyliejenner @kimkardashian