Exclusive First Look: Colette Revived? Nous Opens on Rue Cambon


Hello Boppers!

Were y’all as upset as I was when Colette announced its closing? It was truly the end of an era – easily the coolest boutique in the world, Colette attracted everyone to its famed doors just blocks from the FSH Hermes flagship. Karl Lagerfeld famously quoted it was “the only place he shopped”!! If you needed a unique gift, this was definitely the place – the exclusive designer collaborations were endless. I myself picked up books, little whimsical items for my littles, and a fabulous pair of Play! Comme des Garcons x Converse just to name a few purchases – my husband went in mid November and grabbed a few things but eye-rolled at the 850 Euro price tag for the Chanel x Colette t-shirt. I agreed, although it was fabulous!

The former Colette employees gathered together and decided to open another similar boutique on a corner of Rue Cambon just up from Chanel’s flagship location. My husband was in Paris for the sale (his experience was awful like many others…) and the Nous boutique was on the list as it opened Monday January 8th!

His review from browsing was that it had intentionally a lot less product and seems more curated in general. It is supposed to have some streetwear sneakers as I had heard, but none were displayed. I have included some photos he was able to snap without looking like too much of a tourist. Hopefully it will be a hit with Parisians and visitors alike!

Did anyone make it to Colette before it closed? What are your thoughts on Nous? Share here on Boptalk!

XOXO @saphhiresandscotch