Famed Auction House Sotheby’s Sued for Damaging Irreplaceable Hermès Handbag


When you think about luxury, alongside the traditional names like Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, renowned auctioneer house Sotheby’s also makes the list. Having sold some of the world’s most priceless goods from gargantuan diamonds to rare pieces of art and, of course, coveted handbags, it’s safe to say that Sotheby’s knows a thing or two about handling luxury. Not according to one person, however…

Henri Dauman, a well known and critically acclaimed photographer for Life Magazine, has captured the likes of such well known stars as Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley to Jackie Kennedy. These days, though, the name ‘Sotheby’s’ rings sour in the photog’s ears as he and his wife are suing the company for allegedly damaging their Hermès handbag.

Henri Dauman, Image Credit: NY Post

According to the NY Post, the Daumans provided to Sotheby’s a black vintage Hermès Salvator Lizard Mini Constance from 1992. After being appraised at approximately $30,000, the pair consigned the item to the auction house. Legal documents filed by the Dauman’s lawyers in their suit against Sotheby’s state that the handbag was in perfect condition but was irreparably ruined once passed over to the auctioneers.

The couple’s lawyer, Stephen Weingrad, states that “the purse handle tore… it was given to them in pristine condition and then they couldn’t show it to sell on his behalf… the item is now a total loss.”

An example image of the bag in question, Image Credit: JaneFinds.com

Sotheby’s has said that they are working together with the Daumans to arrive at an “amicable solution.” No word had yet been provided on whether the suit has been dropped or will be proceeding. Likewise, there has not been an update on how the situation, as well as the alleged damage, will be addressed.

For more on this story, follow this link: https://nypost.com/2022/10/15/photographer-henri-dauman-sues-sothebys-over-hermes-bag/

Here’s an interesting thought, though. Whether reselling or putting up for auction, in the luxury handbag world, both buyers and sellers trust the people who will be dealign with out priceless handbags. In light of this situation, will you now think twice about how your goods are treated? Moreover, will you now be more selective with exactly who you consign your beloved Hermès, Chanel and LV bags to? Or do you continue to have confidence in the professionals at hand and will not be changing your habits? Let us know!