Feeling like I just hit the lotto


Dresses totally in Hermès, a shirt, espadrilles sandals, 3 Hermès bracelets, a Kelly 32 and a Alexander McQueen skirt –
I was just heading to Geneva to change a LV belt that was to big and was going to Hermès to buy a Constance compact wallet!

I had seen some cool insta girls using it with a scarf as a little evening bag, and thought that would be a good idea!

Secretly My SA had other plans, that I did not know anything about! She first let me look at some Constance and also Kelly wallet, and asked me: “you don’t love any of them do you?”
I replied all are nice! And then it happened!
She told me she had a surprise for me!!!!
And out she came with a Orange box, I thought it was he Birkin 25 I had been waiting for, but she open it and it was a MINI KELLY 20 in Magnolia! The funny thing is that I was wearing my Kelly bracelet in the excact same color!

She told me that each big store of Hermès got from 0 to maximum 2 a year, offered to special customers!!! WOW! What a honor!! So early in my collection getting the chance to buy this!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Kelly 20 Sellier in Epsom leather!

I off course went home with me and I am so proud! I feel really lucky!

And also happy for others! Seems like everyone gets their dream bags for the moment! Hermès keeps supplying us with our dream pieces! And so much joy to see how happy it makes the new owners!
I am very happy and happy for all of you also!

I would be so happy if you could fine my fashion Instagram and push the magic follow button! I made a special/unusual unboxing film! Pink dress – Gucci


I Do believe that part of my Hermès luck is thanks to @Pursebop , I talk to my SA about the collection, I show pictures from PB and I know a lot of things thanks to that Instagram and this site! So I actually have something to contribute with! I know myself that I prefer to talk about horses and sell horses to people who know about horses, must be the same for a Hermès SA!
So my best advice, be humble and nice, and read the pursebop articles twice ????

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OMG OMG this is darling and oh so perfect for you :)
I am absolutely delighted for you… can I have one too!
The size, the color is perfect for you my dear.

  • Congratulations!!! I agree! I too have learned so much from @pursebop! I just returned from my most fabulous trip to H after receiving “the call”!

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