First Birkin , please help!


Dear Boppers,
Im 20 years old and already own quite a few designer bags, however I now finally want to make my dream come true and buy my first birkin bag. However I am facing a bit of a dilemma. Since I am so “young” all my previous Hermes purchases have been through my mother, and since I have moved to a different country to study none of the SA there know me. So it is very unlikely that I will get a Birkin from my new local hermes store anytime soon, and since i will only stay there for another 2,5 years I dont really see the point in spending a large amount of money on non birkin items to build a relationship to a local SA (and I dont want to spend more of my own money in my moms name).
The logical consequence would be to buy a preowned bag, but Im quite in love with a Birkin 25 in orange and the resale price is so much higher than for a Birkin 35. What would your advice be ? Try to build a relationship to the SA anyway and to score a Birkin 25 that way ? Invest the money in a preowned birkin 25 ? Or get a “cheaper” preowned Birkin 35 ? My mother has a 35 in etoupe and fjord leather, so i was thinking either orange or black. I like orange more, especially since i already have a lot of black bags, but im worried that it wont match with anything I wear.

So many questions, please help!


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Hi Kathi,

I was in your same situation at the beginning of 2016 when I first started my “Vitamin C” obsession. While 21 may also seem too young for such an expensive bag, many of the girls on my campus have these bags already. I was gifted my very first Birkin by my auntie in January. I ended up with 2 B and 2 K by the end of the year! I have also acquired 3B and 1K for my boyfriend’s mom.

I have heard many horror stories from my friends who also shop at my local boutique- they spent over $10k on jewelry and did not get offered one. While the mentality is that you must “spend some to get some”, I think it varies per person. I think your relationship with an SA is much more important. From my own personal experience, my purchase history was only 1 twilly and I was offered a B within 2 weeks. Long story short, it never hurts to try! Hermes crafts exquisite items. I love all of my H products as much as my B or K :)

I wish you well on your H journey~ Feel free to contact me directly on Instagram too!

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