Does This Bangladesh Based Brand Make the Next Cult Bag for Foreign Diplomats?


When thinking Of luxury fashion you may not instantly think of Bangladesh, a country known for its fast fashion sweatshops. But a new upcoming brand could change all that.

Lidia May is an artisan luxury brand headquartered and proudly crafted in Bangladesh. Founded in 2015 by Chinese-American May Yang, the brand specializes in colorful, embroidered totes and purses which have been spotted on several foreign diplomats. Yang, who travelled to Bangladesh to do humanitarian work, claims the brand’s design aesthetic is influenced by the enduring strength of women in the cultures she has visited.

Lidia May could in fact be filling a gap in the Bangladeshi market. The country has a thriving social scene of upper-class Bangladeshis, aid workers, and foreign government representatives and therefore this luxury offering has not gone unnoticed.

Two years ago, the deputy representative to the U.N. from Australia even hosted a Lidia May trunk show in New York City with female ambassadors from several countries in attendance.

The brand is centered around bringing ethical craftsmanship of the highest quality to places outside of Europe and could be set to break the damaging stereotypes surrounding Bangladeshi fashion.

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Photos courtesy of Lidia May