Funniest story you've told your husband about a bag!


For this week challenge:

Tell me the funniest story you’ve told your husband about a bag you bought.
It could the price, the bag, whatever you thought it was funny!

I have a Chanel fuchsia bag that I bought over a year ago and my husband has no idea I have that bag. I planned to tell him so many times, but everytime I try, I get a new bag and I show the new one.
Everytime I wear the bag, I have to hide it from him.
One time he called me in the middle of the day to go for lunch, and I was wearing my fuchsia bag. (Oh no!) I had to leave it in the car and he kept me asking the whole time:
“Where’s your purse?” I had to say I wasn’t wearing a purse that day. He thought it was so strange not having a purse on me and repeated constantly: “that’s weird”.
I was dying laughing after.
Besides the million times I came home and had to hide it inside a jacket, or in the garage, in the car, inside a grocery bag, in the bathroom…???

Let’s share our story here!

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Omg I am dying laughing over this!!!! I’m curious because you have so many other amazing bags – was it the price or the color he hated or something like that so you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him?! Since he knows you’ve bought bags since?! I loved this story it’s so great. I do this with shoes. I will hide them in the car, have them shipped to work, etc and then put them in a clear box (all my shoes are in them mostly) in the closet so it seems like they have been there the whole time…. Then I’ll wear them and he’s like ” whaaaaaat?” And I’m like “oh these?! I’ve had these.” ?????. Which is true, I have had them, just maybe only for a few days….. ???????

  • I know, right? ???
    Did you buy new shoes? Nooooo, I had those before, you don’t remember it! ?

  • I didn’t tell him about the bag because I keep buying more and show the new ones instead, and over the past year I didn’t have a chance to show him that specific bag, just the new ones. And if I show 2 at the same time, he’d not like it!
    And I have to hide it from him ??

  • Ah I love it!!! So funny. Maybe before the spring bags hit the stores in dec/jan you can sneak it in the “purchase rotation” like you just bought it ??

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