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Hermes US stores are closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you read that correctly! This comes as a shocker, as we had heard of the reduced hours Hermès was putting in place, but a company wide shutdown- is news hot off the press! From our understanding, an appointment can be made for special situations and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Do we commend Hermès for taking this unprecedented step, to put the safety of it’s employees and clients in front of profits? Will other brands like Chanel & Louis Vuitton follow suit?

There’s so much to speculate… we’ll keep you updated on this space.

In other news, France can’t be far behind as the French government is ordering all non-essential stores to shutter.

Edit as of March 16th

Stores in France have all closed, including the mothership: FSH
With France’s recent edict to close all non-essential stores, it does appear Hermes has done just that. Face of Hermes Michael Coste bid farewell to the FSH store on his Instagram account. Interestingly, neither Hermes’ IG nor US website mentions the closings. 

As for US stores, with state and regional changes being announced on a daily basis, we advise you to check with your local boutique before visiting. Stores that were granting appointments or reduced hours may now be closed. 

Share your thoughts below and stay tuned to @pursebop for further discussion.

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Hermes Preparing to Reopen Stores:

Good news from the Hermes front. Boutiques in France are preparing to reopen May 11. As of now, details are limited as to how Hermes will maintain a safe environment. Word is that masks will be required for all, though no idea what specific Hermes protocols will be. Wouldn’t you like an Hermes mask?

Other questions still to be answered include what other protective gear will be required and who and how many sales associates and customers may be in the store at any time. Indeed, it is possible at this point that access will be limited to appointments only.

As for production, we anticipate it to resume to some level on May 11th, but no confirmed details at this time.

Please keep in mind with the continuous challenges this pandemic presents each nation, these dates and situation could change.

Stay tuned. We will keep you updated.

What would be your first purchase? Will you be rushing for a new scarf/mask?

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Announcement email to NYC clients. Of course keep in mind as things are changing daily with curfews/bans/restrictions we advise you to check with your regional stores for accurate information.

  • Sara S. S. Florent

    I am French and still on very strict lockdown with rest of my country except for some young fools who think they will live forever and don’t mind paying increasing fines for congregating in groups or breaking barriers to beaches and parks. Quarantine is extended until 11 May at least and even then return to work will be staged after Mass testing. My Hermes SA has written and phoned to check on me and my new lipsticks which I love. No special orders are being produced and non essential shops like Hermes, restaurants, cinemas and clubs will NOT re-open on 11 May. Cannes Film Festival and Grand Prix are cancelled and hospitals are still full. Hermes, LVMH and other big luxury brands are producing masks and hospital gowns with reduced volunteer staff at few workrooms. China is busily buying up any stock after infecting and shutting down rest of world. So corporate decision to keep Europe and America’s closed. I personally will be happier to see my beach and local open market open again than to watch your Disney billionaire from his luxury yacht or your Assembly speaker Pelosi stand in front of 2 made in USA SubZero fridge-freezers showing off her stock of $14 pint ice cream with her hair and makeup perfect and her cashmere sweater draped badly over her shoulders. Thank heavens she did not have on an Hermes scarf!! The world will never be the same again and I am very sad for my children and grandchildren. Stay home! Stay healthy!

  • DLH
    • DLH
    • 4 years ago
    • 1

    Sara I can’t stand Pelosi. I hope we can all go back to normal one day. I too worry what kind of world our children and grands will end up with. It is sad. Stay safe.

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