Hermès Drops Apple Watch Bands: Is the Partnership Over?


Updated on 9/13/23

Apple has unveiled its latest iPhone 15 and Apple Watch series 9 during their latest event. Hermès fans were left on tenterhooks. waiting to find out if ultimately the relationship between Apple and the French fashion house was perhaps coming to an end… While Apple is certainly moving towards a leather-free future, the collaboration with Hermès continues.

This season, the Apple Watch Hermès collection has been designed with innovative fabrics and techniques. However, as expected, there’s much less leather in sight. The collection comprises webbing, knit, and rubber Apple Watch straps, as well as some iconic leather options.

Image courtesy: Hermès

The new Bridon strap is assembled using interwoven mesh and laces, that evoke the aesthetic of an equestrian bridle. 

Image courtesy: Hermès

For sports luxe lovers, there’s the Kilim rubber strap design. Crafted from intertwined H’s, there’s no doubt about this being a Hermès Apple Watch strap.

Image courtesy: Hermès

Finally, in the new collection, you’ll find a series of woven-webbing designs. Choose from the Toile H motif or the Twill Jump to elevate your latest Apple Watch.

Image courtesy: Hermès

What are your thoughts on these new Apple Watch straps from Hermès?


In a surprising move, luxury French fashion brand Hermès has removed all Apple Watch bands from its website. This drastic shift has taken place before Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch event that is due to take place on September 12. This development comes on the heels of rumors suggesting that Apple is now navigating away from leather accessories entirely. Could this perhaps be the end of the long-standing partnership between Apple and Hermès? 

Image courtesy; Apple

Last week, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hinted at Apple’s intentions to transition from leather for its Apple Watch bands and iPhone 15 cases. It is suggested that Apple is preparing to eliminate the use of leather from their product range.

Twitter via @markgurman

Rumors have speculated that Apple is opting to use more woven composite fabric alternatives in future accessories and products. Reportedly, in response to this, Hermès, renowned for its premium leather products, swiftly removed all Apple Watch-related products from its online boutique.

Previously, Hermès offered a wide range of Apple Watch bands, but today, there’s no trace of them on their website. However, other Apple-related products such as AirTags, AirPods Pro cases, and MagSafe cases are still currently available to purchase from the fashion house. 

Image courtesy: Hermès

Apple’s website on the other hand, still showcases the Apple Watch Hermès collection, albeit, with limited stock. It has been reported that substantial discounts have been offered to Apple employees on the remaining Apple Watch Hermès models. Mark Gurman stated on Twitter:

“I’m told that Apple last month started offering employees its Hermès leather accessories (and leather link bands) at up to 90% off. Some inventory clearing going on. The internal deal continues but everything is out of stock.”

The burning question now is whether this officially makes the end of the Apple-Hermès collaboration. While Hermès has focused on luxurious leather bands for the Apple Watch, there’s a possibility that Apple’s rumored shift away from leather no longer aligns with its future vision. 

Image courtesy: Apple

Alternatively, Hermès may simply be preparing for a new lineup of perhaps non-leather luxury Apple Watch Bands to coincide with the release of the Series 9 Apple Watch. With Apple rumoured to introduced woven composite fabric alternatives, it remains uncertain whether Hermès and Apple will continue with their partnership. We’ll soon find out as Apple’s latest unveiling unfolds on September 12…

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