Hermès Men's Fall 2020 Bags are Big and Manly


For women who love to shop the men’s side for bags (and that’s us at PurseBop), the latest Hermès collection (Fall 2020) probably isn’t going to suit you. Bags are big and slouchy, perhaps more for travel or long workdays. Naturally our favorites, were the two HACs – one in leather with contrast stitching and another in gray fabric. The leather version was our absolute favorite! The littlest was what seemed to be a coin purse or, more likely, an id holder, worn on a strap around the neck.

Ironically, there were a couple of men’s jackets with pockets so large, a bag probably isn’t needed for everyday essentials.

Take a look at the pix below and let us know what you think.

As an aside protests hit France’s Mobilier National complex in Paris, the site of the Hermès show. The complex is a historic training center for artisans and a warehouse for french-owned furniture. Aimed at French President Macron and anti-privatization, the protests delayed the show and some invited guests were unable to attend.

Photos courtesy: vogue.com/Alessandri Viero / Gorunway.com