Hermès Opens (Another) Leather Goods Workshop and Seeks Artisans


Well, maybe this is your chance to create those Hermès bags of your dreams. Hermès inaugurated today another – and its second – leather goods production facility in Normandy, France. Known as the Maroquinerie de Louviers, it is greatly anticipated by brand fans in the hopes that it will widen the supply of the Uber-popular Birkins, Kellys, and more. After all, there just are never enough of these bags to satisfy its clients. And this new factory is intended to focus on Kelly 25s and a new version of the Constance Mini.

But, here’s the extra news. Hermès needs to staff the workshop with 260 leatherworkers and saddlers and seeks artisans to be trained in the ways of Hermès. These creators will be trained by the heritage house at its Louviers École Hermès des savoir-faire.  Hermès’ apprenticeship training centre (CFA) is accredited by the French Education Department which delivers the CAP vocational diploma in leatherworking.

Hermès is pursuing a recruitment and training strategy in close collaboration with the Pôle emploi employment service, the Greta de l’Eure adult education service, the Lycée Augustin-Boismard high school in Brionne, and the Haras national du Pin stud. The Louviers École Hermès des savoir-faire, opened in 2022, trains artisans for excellence in the fields of cutting and table work and develops their versatility.

Craftspeople at this Eure, France locale will produce bags, small leather goods, saddles, and bridles. According to Hermès, this facility is the first equestrian workshop outside of Paris, and harkens to Hermès’ own equine roots. And it reaffirms Hermès commitment to production in France, creation of high quality jobs, and environmental sustainability. 

Although this is far from the opportunity to create a Special Order Birkin, no doubt Hermès expects keen interest in its artisan training program.

In other unrelated Hermès news, the company’s market value has jumped past €200 billion, to €218 billion, to be exact. It is now the 8th most valuable company on the pan-European Stoxx 600 index. It is number two in luxury brands, next to conglomerate LVMH Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy which is valued at almost double, and recently hoisted its head, Bernard Arnault, back to world’s richest man with over $200 billion.

Hermès stock has risen about 27% so far in 2023. And despite economic uncertainties, luxury sales are faring better than other areas. If it continues, additional production will be a welcome addition.

Any thoughts on the new facility? Do you expect the supply and availability of Hermès leather products, especially handbags, to surge? Or will limited availability continue to further the exclusivity of the brand.

Let us know.

Image courtesy: hermes.com

Image courtesy: vanityfair.com/📷 Cyril Zannettacci