Hermès Opens Another Leather Production Facility in France


Fingers crossed… that more Hermès leather production sites means more Birkins and Kellys for us! As planned, the Hermès leather workshop in Montereau (Seine-et-Marne) opened June 11, 2021. Hermès expects it to ultimately create 260 jobs, and provide additional artisan training in the area.

This is the luxury purveyor’s 18th facility in France, with more in the pipeline. Another facility is expected September 2021 in Guyenne (Gironde), with three additional workshops in the pipeline for Louviers (Eure), Tournes (Ardennes), and Riom (Puy-de Dôme).

Of course, Hermès’ Leather Goods & Saddlery Division produces more than handbags. And certainly more than just the coveted and elusive Birkins and Kellys. For a company with an effective exclusivity and scarcity marketing strategy, there’s the push/pull of whether and to what extent more available products helps or hurts, not just the bottom line, but the Company’s overall position and strategy. It remains to be seen whether supply of those highly desired bags increases. And if it does, will it be to the disappointment of long-time Hermès customers feeling exclusivity is devalued. It’s a delicate balancing act . . .

So tell us, which would you prefer: increase or decrease in Birkin and Kelly availability? Or, like we’ve discussed before, would you like Hermès to go to a special order only model? Let us hear from you.