What If Every Handbag Purchase Was a Special Order?


With all of the fashion focus on sustainability and prevention of overproduction of goods, it got us thinking… Clearly, one way to prevent an overabundance of items – for us, handbags – is for everything to be made to order.  What do we mean? Well, what if the only way to get your hands on the Chanel flap of the season or any Hermès Birkin or Kelly was to pre-order. Put another way, imagine if every bag you bought was essentially a special order.

Of course, brands would need to work out production timing and efficiency so that you’re not waiting two years for that bag which might not be so hot by the time you get it. Surely, there’d need to be guidance on how long the wait. And what you think is tolerable. Can you hold off for two weeks? Is six too long?

Moreover, there must be a way to ensure quality. After all, who wants a sloppily slapped together BIrkin with uneven stitching. 

Hermès Special Order

But beyond those logistical problems, how would you feel about this? Every handbag purchase would require forethought and likely a down- or full-payment. This is more than just putting down your name on a wishlist without commitment, hoping something sticks. You may be obligated to purchase the bag sight unseen – or perhaps not depending what brands decide. What if the leather color sample is misleading and that caramel actually turns out like pumpkin spice latte (or vice versa)? None of that even considers a change in lifestyle, finances, health… or a pandemic. Momentous things that can happen in an instant.

And, then, there’s the joy of shopping or just plain old retail therapy. Forget about that impulse purchase. Rarely could you waltz into a boutique and just walk out with some unanticipated new treasure.

Hermès Special Order

For all the folks excited to place, for example, an Hermès special order, who painstakingly and gleefully go through the options, there are an equal number paralyzed by the process. Second-guessing, unable to choose, with prices approaching or in the five figures, each purchase becomes an overwhelming decision.

So, we ask you, our PurseBop community: would you want all bags to be specially ordered for you? What terms, conditions and timing would make you comfortable. 

Let us know.

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Published: June 7th, 2021
Updated: June 7th, 2021

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