Hermès Sale in Australia


Updated on 8/1/23

Lucky Australians get ready, the latest Hermès private sale is taking place in Sydney.

When: Thursday 10 – Friday 11 August 2023

Where: The Langham Hotel, The Ballroom, Ground Floor, 89-113 Kent Street, Millers Point, Sydney 2000

Those lucky enough to receive an invite will receive additional information via email directly from Hermès. You must ensure that you book an appointment prior to visiting the sale in order to gain access – you will have a 90-minute session to shop and make your selections. Make sure you bring along a valid photo ID, matching the name on your personal invite – as the invitation is non-transferable. The invitation and QR code for access are limited and admit one, so unfortunately, you’ll have to leave your friends at home for this one!

Unfortunately, if you didn’t receive an email invite, the bad news is, you won’t be able to attend the sale… Based on experience, these private sale invitations typically come from corporate rather than your SA having much involvement. However, you could check with your SA for further clarification.

See the attached flyer for further details and additional information.


It must be the summer of sales for Hermès… and this one sails down under to Sydney Australia.

From what we know, it’s only one day, so you’ll need to plan ahead. In case you’re there, or heading there, below are the details. Please don’t forget to share your experience and finds with us. We love seeing your hauls!

When: Friday August 16, 2019 10am to 1pm
Where: The Langham Hotel, The Ballroom, Ground Floor, 89-113 Kent Street, Sydney 2000

Read more about the sale and what to expect, complete with tips and advice: Live Reports and Updates on Hermès Sales in Paris and the US

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Is the sale invite only ?

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We are receiving reports of invitations that have been sent out for August 17th with the same details. If anyone has more information, please update us.

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