My Hermès Sale Toronto Experience


After receiving a email from Hermes that there was going to be a sale in Toronto I marked it in my calendar – pleaded with my husband to take the day off so he could do the kids school morning routine and decided i would head out bright and early.
Fast forward last night I set my alarm for 4.30am and went to bed – dreaming of what my first Hermes sale experience would be like.

I drive down to Metro convention centre bright and early to find deserted streets and a empty parking lot – looking good – so I thought – I walk briskly albeit to the entrance – find the room number on the board and head towards what seemed like a « few » people – as I turn the corner the line continues – turn again and it wraps even further – a few hundred people back and I have my spot at about 5.40am – I sit and chat with a nice group of ladies sharing our passion for fashion and all things pretty – at 7.50am the line moves and all of a sudden a rush as people start moving –
Once inside it was like D-day – tables and tables of scarfs , bracelets , belts – where to go first Is very confusing and i learnt very quickly once you pass a area you cannot step back – I was looking for clic class and one very sweet staff member who identified himself as a intern pointed me in the right direction.
Thé handout indicates 20 mins limit but after about 7 there were announcements telling people to Get in line to pay ! Very confused about what to do I decided to stay by ground and determined to find some bracelets – success ! I found two in colours I could handle – ( already own the classics ) and a neutral rose gold leather swift.
Somehow after that I managed to head backwards as I attempted to find the line to pay and they had restocked the belt and buckle sections ! Picked up a few and stood in line …. then you wait …. and wait and … wait

Some smarter more seasoned sale shoppers had bags full of scarfs and were sorting through them In line making decisions – they were nice enough to share ones they were deciding on still or had picked up multiples of – the final score – a classic navy and white scarf would complete my purchase

It was fun – once I exited and saw the line that now stretched for hours I had a little spring in my step – despite getting shoved and pushed just moments before

– would I do this again ? ABSOLUTELY !
But note to self set alarm for 3am :)