Hermès System in Germany/France


I would like to know if my French SA in France can see my purchase history from Germany and my German SA can see my purchase history from France? Are the systems linked from Germany/France? Do they just see the quota bags that the customer got or in general the whole purchase history?

Another question. It seems to me that the stores in Germany/France work differently.
When I asked about a specific bag my French SA took a note for that exact bag and said „that may not take too long“. So it seems that they know what bags they are getting and informing when it’s available. But she also told me there is just one wish per customer at a time, so first I need to wait for that bag before telling her other bags I am interested in….in Germany it seems they do not know what Hermès will deliver so they contact you in general when specific model(s) / colors… you showed interest in come to the store.

Have you got different/ same impressions like me? Do you know more about the Hermès system in France or Germany? I would be really interested in that… and I do not mean the Paris stores, instead I would love to hear about your experiences from regular French stores.

I would appreciate an answer and thank you for informing!
Kind regards