Hermes To Introduce Bag Straps and Colored Handles on Handbags


Rumblings of new Hermes straps have been rampant but ultimately the “proof lies in the pudding” as they say…

The prefall/winter 2017 runway show pictures are all the proof I need.
The release date is anticipated the end of this year and straps are to start at $800 – that’s likely the price of the canvas versions and I shudder to guess the prices of the leather and embellished leather options.

It’s a great move on the part of Hermes. I am sure they keenly realized the demand and willingness for bag lovers to spend 1K + to accessorize their legendary Birkins and Kellys (and other styles of course)!

Check out this for some major strap eye candy:
Bag Straps Are More Popular Than Ever Before

What caught me by total surprise was these patterned colored leather handles on the Kellys – you can see them if you look closely at the pictures below.

All pictures are courtesy Hermes, but I spotted them at
Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself here.

Straps are a no brainer, I myself will be in line! As for the colored handles, I haven’t quite figured out how I feel, what are your thoughts? Yay or Nay?

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I absolutely LOVE these new Kelly handles ? It gave a modern touch to a classic bag! Totally in love with them ❤?

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If I want a sporty canvas bag to take on my sailboat I’ll buy a waterproof one that I don’t care if it will self destruct after my vacation. Hermes and its new batch of MBAs is continuing to POPULARIZE and to dilute the EPV wonderful brand. Great for the nouveau riche who want an Hermes and can afford a $8000 bag plus $1000 strap at 25! Does nothing for me or my taste nor spending power. Plus the number of knock offs on streets of Paris and NYC are overwhelming and fakes are hard to detect these days. Sadly this pandering also is resulting in less stringent qc standards—my Kelly from 25 years ago looks 100% better than the one I bought only 3 years ago and I am not the only one who thinks this.

When the MBAs with no sense of real history of the brand started taking over a few years ago the first thing they did was put all the parfums, body lotions and cremes in the same non-descript white bottles and jars. I screeched at my saleswoman and then wrote a letter to which they never responded. If I want plain generic white bottles I can go to CVS in NYC or to Sephora anywhere. I think my love of HERMES is diminishing rapidly—if I want trendy I look at other brands such as Prada or Chanel. So as are so many of my contemporaries, I am going increasingly bespoke—wonderful creative designers, many of the same tanneries as Hermes, with all the clasps, zippers, and straps the PERFECT length and width for me, yes, me! Maybe it is my age. But what am I going to do with a handbag during the day that does not fit my sunglasses, my bifocals, and my Android plus wallet and keys?

Sorry to rain on your parade but I am really not enthuses and actually disappointed. Well, the wine colour suede worn with the herring bone coat is a great colour and the suede looks so supple—the top handle colours sort of ruin it for me. So I shall look for that colour if available without all the do dads.

Best shopping. To bed now because shows tomorrow. Bisous

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