Hillary Clinton - Fashion Stigma for Professional Women


Hillary Clinton started an instagram account , and has received some criticism for her evident love of pantsuits. Comedians and other media influencers comment that her pantsuits are “unattractive” and “cold looking”. Hilary has been taking the comments in stride, and turned the hate into a lighthearted self-decrepcating joke to turn the attention away from her clothes and towards her political strategy.

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Women with influence have always received criticism for the media for their fashion and style choices. There’s an expectation for a balance between femininity and respectable, professional dress that seems hard to achieve.

Do you respect Hilary’s reaction given her position as a woman in the political climate? Or do you think she needs to revive her style?

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let’s say tomorrow she walked out to her next speech in a sundress. can you imagine the media hullabaloo??? even if she wanted to switch it up, unfortunately i don’t think she could politically. but she should be able to wear whatever she wants!

anyone know what handbags she likes??

  • PatiEv
    you got me curious on what handbags she likes hotsauce lol! I couldn´t identify any brand other than a pink Ferragamo that she has, but taking a quick look at google images it´s pretty clear she likes big bags ;)
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not my style but come on, let the woman wear whatever she feels comfortable in lol!

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I don’t like the look for myself, and I can’t say it’s the most flattering style on her. But she’s put together, clean looking, and looks confident. With all that said, her clothes should not be a topic to the media especially since the other candidates style isn’t even on the table. I guess her reaction cannot be to firey, so turning it into a joke was probably the best route.

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