Diamond Ring or So Black Birkin? Kylie Jenner May Have Both...


Instagram is all atwitter (pun intended) about Kylie Jenner’s latest posts. Posed on a wood staircase, followers spotted a large presumably diamond ring on “that” finger. Reply post after post speculated about her supposed/likely engagement to rapper Travis Scott, who performed at yesterday’s Super Bowl and is the father to their daughter Stormi. Kylie herself raised the question of “baby #2” in a related post with Travis set on the same staircase.

Our PurseBop eyes, however, skipped the ring and went to different piece of bling: the rare So Black Birkin seated beside Ms. Jenner. If you thought getting a black B was difficult, a so black is a completely different level. All of the metallic pieces on the bag – padlocks, strap brackets, swivel clasps, keys, and base studs – are in dense shiny black. A limited number were issued around 2010/2011 in box calfskin (and even fewer in matte croc). It’s so famous that the Birkin bag history section on the Hermès website devotes a paragraph to the black beauty. Read here.

So which would you rather – the rock on  Kylie’s finger or the bag next to her! I think you know our answer.