How Many Birkins Do You Need?


We are telling you the Hermes craze is real; when we bought our first birkin in 2014 (Birkin 35 in Feu) we thought we’d have two or three in our collection. 7 years later, were hoarding Hermes bags like books. There’s always the “I need one more bag” and there are those bags you can’t risk not buying because you might not have the chance to buy that color shade again. Can we part with any of our bags? No. Not only because of the memories and sentimental value they hold, but because we believe each has a specific occasion or place to be used. We came up with a list of bags you really need in your collection and what we think might be a great buy from Hermes.

* Work
Well it depends on what type of job you have, but referring to a standard formal job, we believe your perfect fit is a Birkin 30, Birkin 35 or a 24/24 in size 29. Those bags especially in classic, warm colors have a professional look and would carry all your work essentials.

* Travel
Our choice for a travel bag is a Birkin 35 any-day and everyday but there’s a Kelly option too (not the mini or 25 obviously) but because of the strap. You can easily sling it across the airport. If you’re looking for a bag that carries a lot of items with a zipper we’d say go for the Lindy 26 or 30, it’s a classic bag that will carry way more than you think. Another bag with a lower price tag is the Evelyne but we’d advise you to pack your things in a small pouch to avoid anything falling out of it during landing or security checks (we lost a key once and had to learn that the hard way).

* Errands/Theme Park
You’d want your arms free while grabbing your groceries or when walking to Thunder Mountain in DisneyLand, Hermes has so many beautiful practical handbags that would fit such as the Kelly Wallet To Go, Roulis and the Herbag 31 (if you need to carry a lot of stuff).

* Shopping Spree
We carry the lightest, comfiest and most hassle free handbags when we want to shop. Our favorite is a Constance, Kelly 28, Toolbox 20, Garden Party (very underrated) or a Picotin.

* Brunch/Glam Day Outing
On those days we feel like getting dressed up and going out, we carry the picture perfect handbags. Kelly Mini II & Birkin 25 are our favorite options but your mood/season also play a role (anything would work as long as it’s perfectly paired with an outfit so you’re ready to take pictures).

* Night Out/ Weddings
We usually pick something with a clutch look; a Kelly Pochette and an Egee will fit your essentials like a lipstick, car keys, sanitizer and a few more things. If you’re looking for a more adorable Hermes clutch, a Jige is your way to go.

Now it doesn’t end here, you have sizes, colors and leathers that could make a Birkin go from having a summer vibe to being a formal work handbag.
How many bags do you have in your collection? How many do you think you need?

Credit: all pictures posted are a property of FSD.