How Matchy-Matchy Do You Go With Your Bags? Cardi B Coordinated Her Hair With a Birkin


When we saw recent pix of rapper/singer Cardi B with a long-haired purple do, sporting a matching purple Birkin (see pix below), we couldn’t help wondering: just how matchy-matchy would you go? Would you (or do you) pair hair color with your purse? Probably not, but how far would you go? Matching a bag to shoes is pretty common (unless you fall into the fashion camp that considers it a faux-pas). Coordinating with an ensemble – either to blend in or stand out – is practically de riguer. But what about . . . finger (or toe) nails, jewelry, hair and makeup?

Tell us, what do you color-coordinate with your bags.

And by the way, Cardi B is no stranger to bright hair colors. Nor is it the first time she’s matched hair to bag. But more intriguing for us, is the number of Hermès Birkins featured in photos on her Instagram account. Take a look below.

Photos courtesy: IG @iamcardib