Is Bottega Veneta Stealing Loro Piana's Quiet Luxury Thunder?


Bottega Veneta, renowned for its iconic Intrecciato weave, has long been admired for its quality and mix of classic and contemporary designs. While staples like the iconic Jodie bag and the sleek Andiamo continue to steal the limelight, a newcomer is causing a stir – the Vanity Case.

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Image courtesy: ln-cc

In an era where quiet luxury continues to reign supreme, brands like Loro Piana have carved out their niche with timeless pieces. Vanity cases, in particular, have remained a coveted accessory in 2024, with Loro Piana’s Extra Pocket Pouch leading the pack. But Bottega Veneta’s latest creation begs the question – could this spell trouble for Loro Piana’s Extra Pocket Pouch?

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The similarities are striking. Bottega Veneta’s Vanity bag boasts an east-west silhouette, measuring 8.6 x 5 x 2 inches, echoing similar dimensions of LP’s revered L19 pouch. What’s more, it features a two-way zip-around closure with two zip pulls, adding a touch of hardware detailing that elevates its appeal. Complete with a top handle and removable shoulder strap, Bottega Veneta’s Vanity bag marries style with functionality – mirroring the essence of its Loro Piana counterpart.

Bottega Veneta Vanity Case Vs. Loro Piana Extra Pocket Pouch L19. Images courtesy: ln-cc & Loro Piana

Unlike Loro Piana’s much-loved Extra Pocket Pouch, Bottega Veneta’s offering currently comes exclusively in classic black and a deep cherry shade, both adorned with gold-tone hardware. While Bottega Veneta’s design showcases the iconic Intrecciato weave at its core, Loro Piana boasts a diverse array of colorways and luxurious leathers, including exotics. Furthermore, while Loro Piana offers versatility with multiple sizes and material options, Bottega Veneta’s Vanity Bag is presently available in one size only. Perhaps Bottega Veneta will expand this range in the future. . .

Image courtesy: ln-cc

Image courtesy: ln-cc

However, pricing might not be the decisive factor in its popularity. The Bottega Veneta Vanity Case Crossbody Bag retails for $2,200, while Loro Piana’s Extra Pocket Pouch L19 starts at $2,500. Though there’s a slight price difference, it may not sway the decision significantly for luxury shoppers.

As handbag enthusiasts weigh their options, the battle for the title of the most coveted vanity bag intensifies. Will Bottega Veneta’s newcomer usurp Loro Piana’s reign, or will the latter maintain its position? Only time will reveal the winner in this clash of vanity bags.

Which is your top pick? Do you love Bottega Veneta’s iteration of the vanity? Or does Loro Piana’s understated appeal make your heart sing?