Is Hermes Still Playing Hard To Get?


Read: Is Hermes Still Playing Hard To Get?

We are forced to take a close look at the shift in Hermes strategy that luxury analyst, Luca Solca claims in his recent Business of Fashion article.

What do you think? Do you feel a shift in Hermes core strategy? Do you sense it is easier to get a Birkin and Kelly? Have you noticed an increase of availability in your market? Share your observations from around the world. We want to know…

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I agree with every thing you said with the exception of your first statement. I do not think the primary appeal of a Birkin or Kelly is exclusivity but rather quality. I do readily admit it’s elite status does play a part. For me the Constance is in this category as well.
I’m currently waiting, rather impatiently, for that call. My experience is that I established a lovely relationship with someone in my local boutique (as in we email and she hugs me when I enter) but have only purchased less expensive items. One day when looking at an Evelyn (which I lived but hubby hated) she said “when you’re ready for that Kelly let me know”. Honestly I was taken by surprise. I don’t consider myself a “big client”. Long story short the next time I went in we talked about colors and leathers and she said be patient it might take me awhile, I’m not very patient though lol.

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I know I walked into the mothership store in Paris in August and bought a Kelly. I’d never shopped there before and I didn’t follow any process. Secondly when I returned to my home city a month later my local SA called me with a black and ghw Kelly which I bought and at the same time she offered me to do a custom bag. Thirdly 4 months later I got a call from my local SA offering me a red 30 CM birkin. So, these are more than 2 bags a year and easy to get!

  • Pursebop

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. FSH (mothership) is really the only place this walk -in situation has always been allowed. Are you from the USA?

  • Libby McCarten Andrews

    Yes I’m from the USA. I had read recent accounts where the FSH store had a specific process that had to be followed and lines at both doors and most people still had to go multiple times before getting a B or K. That wasn’t my experience.

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