Is Wallpaper the Next Step in Decorating Chez Hermès?


Hold your horses . . . can you really put Hermès patterns on your  walls? Certainly people have been decorating with Hermès for years, whether with accessories, dinnerware, pillows etc. And some frame and hang a favorite Hermès scarf for a fashionable wall-hanging. But something else just caught our eye.

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A recent Wall Street Journal article promo-ed a home for sale that featured “Hermès wallpaper”. Not the virtual kind for your computer but rather the type on brick and mortar walls. Seen on the dining room ceiling you can just imagine it in your own home. Or picture yourself surrounded in Hermès patterns – perhaps H Deco in the den, Mozaique in the bedroom, and Balcon du Guadalquivir in the dining room?

Naturally our first question was, how do we get that? Rest assured there is no wallpaper section on the Hermès website; oh, how we wish there were. As best we can tell, there’s no official Hermès dealer for these wall coverings, at least not now.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the seller of the home is well-versed in all things Hermès. She is the founder and owner of Jane Finds, a luxury reseller specializing in Hermès handbags. She told the WSJ that she paid about $300-500 per roll of paper, but didn’t disclose the source.

So, while we continue our research into finding the origins of this decor, tell us, would you take your Chez Hermès style to the walls? And, of course, if you know where to order it, please let us know. ASAP ;)