Just How Big is It?


Although many of us have been and are obsessed by the mini and mini mini bag trends, that’s not the only way to go. Big and super big remain in vogue. Indeed, a couple of enormous bags recently showed in Fall 2020 lines. These bags are big enough to house a child – perhaps even a small adult!

First, Opening Ceremony announced the arrival of its Super (large) tote. Then Moschino showed a backpack so big, it’s less of pack and more of a crate. Ironically, both have been captured in photos in the NYC subway system – a place often resembling a sardine can with barely enough room for your body, let alone a ginormous bag.

Let’s discuss.

Photo courtesy: @Opening Ceremony
Photo courtesy: @newyorknico
Photo courtesy: today.com/Astrid Stawiarz /Getty Images