Kim K Gifts BFF a Big A** Birkin


We all need a friend like this! It’s always lovely when people remember our special days… with a card, a lunch, or maybe even a spa day together. Not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian went all extra for her BFF Lala Anthony.

The gift? One big Birkin! Though it is hard to be sure from the photos available right now, this bag is likely either a  B35 or a HAC. Given the comment “pack your bags”, we lean toward the latter.

This is no little or token present. Pricing for a ‘regular” Birkin at the boutique in the 35mm size, starts at around $12,300 (excluding tax). Expect a HAC model to be even higher. Of course depending upon the leather, they can soar in the six figures, as for example the Himalaya model.

But all of that assumes a boutique purchase… and bags aren’t so readily available. Hop, skip, and jump to a reseller and you’re destined to pay more…
for preowned (though often unused). Just for example, FASHIONPHILE lists a new toile HAC with gold leather  trim for $20,250. There’s also a new togo black Birkin 35 for $24,670.

Who’s giving you a big B and why? Let us know.

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