Kris vs. Kylie: Who Has the More Enviable Bag Closet?


For those with serious closet envy: we’ve spotted another drool-worthy shot of H-lover Kris Jenner’s closet. It’s certainly not just anyone who gets an up-close look at Jenner’s Hermès bags…and in this case, it’s Michael Coste, Head of Hermès’ client relations.

From this snapshot, we can spot the rare Himalaya Kelly and rows of gem-toned exotics. Do you have a favorite?

A perfect summary of the closet? “Omfg this isn’t a department store?” -@ms_jackie_o, commenting on IG.

We’ve posted about Kylie’s closet recently…from these little peeks, who do you reckon has the more enviable closet: Kris or Kylie?

Photo courtesy: @michaelcostefr


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