Lets play a game! I say a brand and you say what comes to mind.


I play first.

Hermes: The Epitome of Luxury
Chanel: Femenine Feminism
LV: Nicholas Ghesquiere
Valentino: Girly girl punk
Givenchy: Cool
Saint Laurent: Utterly Cool
Delvaux: Unknown lands (for me)
Goyard: Tradition
Dior: New obsession
Celine: Fashion Forward
Tom Ford: Ultimate distinction
Gucci: Great fashion
Fendi: Nice on others
Prada: Sometimes a lot sometimes not

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Hermes: Oran sandals
Chanel: boy bag in black
LV: alma
Valentino: flat rockstuds
Givenchy: lipstick
Saint Laurent: my sister
Delvaux: Kuwait
Goyard: Who?
Dior: pure elegance
Celine: $$$$
Tom ford: royal blue
Gucci: the gucci print
Fendi: eternal love and obsession
Prada: My honeymoon

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Hermes: birkins, overpriced, and orange
Chanel: quilts, lamb skin
LV: monogram everywhere
Valentino: rockstuds
Givenchy: Antigona
Saint Laurent: leather jackets, black leather
Delvaux: structured bags
Goyard: Traveling somewhere tropical
Dior: ladylike
Celine: amazing silhouette (despite everyone’s opinion on them being “over” I love them and think they’re a great classic)
Tom Ford: sexy dresses. I agree with TheStyledGuy: Mr Tom Ford himself?
Gucci: G, just “G”.
Fendi: fur
Prada: safiano
Balmain: leather jackets, blazers

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wow, those bags The WonderlustStyle!!! In love with them all!!!! thanks for sharing them and for starting this fun thread :)
my turn to play:

Hermes: so far away ( except my Kelly wallet, because I won her hahaha)
Chanel: BOY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dream!!!!!
LV: so many replicas :(
Valentino: stud love
Givenchy: super cool
Saint Laurent: Tribtoo Pumps (looooove them)
Delvaux: still laughing because of StyledGuy´s comment: “Hermes’ younger, less talented sister” hahaha too funny, don´t agree with it though :)
Goyard: beach
Dior: classic
Celine: another one I always laugh at, now because of Maura Carlin´s post on her blog, about the Luggage bag: “annoying orange” hahahaha
Tom Ford: lipsticks ans eye-shadows
Gucci: affordable (Soho Disco) yet draws attention… and I love drawing attention to my bags ;)
Fendi: much love for the newer bags (Peekaboo in every size, 2jours in every size, trois jours, Silvana, Anna…)…
Prada: all the same, yet all beautiful.

  • The WonderlustStyle
    Hahaha i love your comments as always PatiEv!! I think in one way or another we all love drawing attention to our bags. :)
    • Guest
    • 9 years ago
    hahaha . . . and thanks for the shout-out
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A little late to the party but here’s mine!

Hermes: Ultimate, expensive
Chanel: Quilted, classy, feminine, love
LV: brown, Alma
Valentino: Used to be girly and glam, just Rockstuds now
Givenchy: Kardashian
Saint Laurent: Shouldn’t have dropped Yves
Delvaux: Don’t know
Goyard: Stale, old
Dior: Ladylike
Celine: May be over soon
Tom Ford: Gucci
Gucci: Affordable, used to be better
Fendi: Baguette, furry characters
Prada: Not too exciting but always classic

  • The WonderlustStyle
    Amazing! loved your comments i am so glad you played.
  • Pursebop
    agree with The WonderlustStyle, fabulous…love the Valentino comment :)
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I love this game and I love your Saint Laurent bucket bag xxxx I will come back to the game ! xxxx

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Here I go . . . and please, I don’t mean to offend anyone

Hermes: aspirational
Chanel: classic and classy
LV: monogram checkerboard
Valentino: rockstud
Givenchy: I don’t get it
Saint Laurent: dull
Delvaux: bag raincoat (the only plastic bag I want and cannot get) and PurseBop
Goyard: ubiquitous five years ago
Dior: ladylike
Celine: Annoying Orange (google it)
Tom Ford: he’s back?
Gucci: Italian classic
Fendi: Peekaboo, I see you
Prada: gateway to luxury

  • Pursebop
    hehe, love the Delvaux comment ?
  • PatiEv
    hahaha after I read the post on your blog about the Celine bag… all I see is annoying orange now when I see a luggage, Maura hahahaha
    • Guest
    • 9 years ago
    @PatiEv see my kid saved you $ too
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This is interesting! I was playing this to myself when I saw it. So I shall pen it down here too to share ??

Hermes: Quality. Queen of branded. Orange. Overpriced though.
Chanel: Quilt. Classic. Black. Paris.
LV: Durable. Lasting. Entry level. Brown.
Valentino: Rockstud
Givenchy: Shark tooth
Saint Laurent: YSL tributes
Delvaux: Cannot appreciate the style. Not for me.
Goyard: Old
Dior: Fanciful. Not for me.
Celine: Flaps out bags. Mid-range branded. Cute.
Tom Ford: Make up?
Gucci: Lotsa sale & imitation.
Fendi: Karlito and bag bugs. Cannot appreciate the bags though.
Prada: Hardy bags and widely seen. Milano.

  • The WonderlustStyle
    Thank you missypalette, find interesting that Tom Ford is again remembered as make up!!!
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I’m new to Purse Bop, but i’m already obsessed! I want to give this a try!

Hermes: The Dream
Chanel: Timeless
LV: Classic
Valentino: FIERCE
Givenchy: Sassy
Saint Laurent: …
Delvaux: Unicorn
Goyard: Go-what?
Dior: Lady Dior
Celine: DONE.
Tom Ford: Fire.
Gucci: No…Just Stop.
Fendi: Karlito.
Prada: Girly

  • Pursebop
    Welcome Krissyh ? Delighted to have you on BopTalk ?? you did fabulous ‼️ I love the Goyard: Go-what? ?
  • Krissyh
    Thank you Mrs. Pursebop!
  • BoyWithTheBag
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Great idea!

Hermes: horses, donkeys
Chanel: milk bottles
LV: Petite Malle
Valentino: What a stud
Givenchy: Bizarre
Saint Laurent: Rich bikers
Delvaux: pass
Goyard: Travel
Dior: delicious
Celine: Over them
Tom Ford: Mr Tom Ford himself?
Gucci: lol
Fendi: Karlito and furry monsters
Prada: nada
Balmain: ..donating all my items to Goodwill now. #RIPBalmain

  • The WonderlustStyle
    hahahahah you really made me laugh. I guess i am lucky i never got anything from a Balmain.
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I go next ???
Hermes: Dream ?
Chanel: Elegance
LV: Mon monogram
Valentino: Rockstuds
Saint Laurent: nothing comes to mind now ?
Delvaux: Brilliant
Goyard: Not for me ?
Dior: So real ??
Gucci: Bambu ?
Fendi: Micro & Karlito ?
Prada: highschool (i wore Prada a lot when i was in highschool ?)
Givenchy: Antigona
Celine: my name in French ?
Burberry: same
Jimmy Choo: neon
Dolce&Gabbana: lace
Missoni: chevron
Louboutin: pain ?

  • The WonderlustStyle
    hahahahha loved the Loubutin comment.
  • Pursebop
    I just love this! Agreed with The WonderlustStyle, the loubies comment is cracking me up ?
  • Lifeandstyletips
    But it is true ?
  • Pursebop
    Agreed totally ? percent ?
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Hermes: Birkin
Chanel: Classic Chanel
LV: Petite Malle & our @styledguy
Valentino: Rockstuds
Saint Laurent: Don’t Know Yet
Delvaux: Ceci N’est Pas un Delvaux
Goyard: my sisters tote
Dior: Lady Di
Tom Ford: Lipstick ?
Gucci: Jackie O
Fendi: Karlito

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Feel free to add more brands!

  • Pursebop
    I just added my pictures, this is soooo much fun! Brillliant idea friend ?
  • The WonderlustStyle
    Interesting choice of words!! Cool Delvaux!
  • @solidarityfemme
    This is a great game! Hermes : The Everest of all bags Chanel: Karl & Coco LV: Chic, french fun, timeless, adore Valentino: Print and studs Saint Laurent: paired back french style Delvalux: Dont know! Goyard: not for me Dior: Chic, pretty, lady like Fendi: Extreme luxury Love Fendi Prada: A good fall back Miu Miu: Prada’s little sister Givenchy: Very cool Gucci: a starting point for luxury goods.
  • The WonderlustStyle
    Thank you kristy_loves_fashion, Like that you included Miu Miu!!!
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