Little Preemie Joins My Hermès Family


She was well worth the wait 💜

The Mini Kelly II has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and it seemed to be that one elusive bag. I was beyond thrilled when the offer came, “Mini Kelly in alligator, Aubergine 🍆 and gold hardware?” 

I knew I needed at least one; yup, I said “need,” 🙃 and welcomed her to my bag family. It’s her preemie size that makes her so charming 👶🏻; she really is ‘more precious than gold’.  I was mesmerized by the color, Aubergine; the saturation of the deep purple hue is really breathtaking.  I cant wait to wear her out as she is the epitome of fashion before function 🥰

Love @wongerisme

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