Will Louboutin's Latest Eye Collection be Taking Over Your Makeup Bag?


Christian Louboutin’s latest eye collection will make you have a newfound love for eye makeup. From the way it is packaged to the way it looks on your eye, Louboutin has truly created a new work of art that may make our crave list.

Louboutin is expanding his business and is launching a fourth category on March 23, The Les Yeux Noirs collection, which translates to “dark eyes”. Louboutin’s goal is to enhance the eye and make the eyes express feelings and emotions through his makeup. Who wouldn’t want to express their emotions through decked out Louboutin makeup?

The collection will include mascara called Lash Amplifying Lacquer, Velvet Eye Definer eyeliner pencils, Brow Definer eyebrow pencils, and Liquid ink eyeliners.

The latest Loubie additions will cost you a pretty penny… no surprise here! The mascara will sell for $70 and the ink eyeliner for $75. The brow definers and the Velvet Eye Definers will both sell for $40 each. However, this price range is not unexpected for Louboutin’s creations. Louboutin also sells his nail polish for $50 and lipstick for $90.

The Les Yeux Noirs collection will be available on March 23rd on christianlouboutin.com and also Selfridges.com.

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Picture credit WWD.