Louis Vuitton Window Displays - Moving Forward with a Tribute to Virgil Abloh


Words cannot describe the sense of irreparable shock that took hold of the fashion, art and commerce world on the date of November 28th. It is the grievous date that will be passed down in history – the date of the demise of Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton’s Menswear, founder of Off-White, fashion designer, visionary and a beautiful and wise soul.

Hardest hit by this untimely passing has been Louis Vuitton Moët Hennesy, the fashion industry giant, and its subsidiary, the beloved brand completely transformed under Abloh’s creative vision, Louis Vuitton.
And in line with this pervading sense of grief, Louis Vuitton’s window displays aren’t anything like that of other brands this Christmas. On one hand, there are luxury houses decorating their fenêtres with themes and embellishments. But at Louis Vuitton, the windows pay tribute to Abloh. Displays in flagships of the French fashion brand around the world are emblazoned with the smudged, vibrant words “Virgil was here”, following Abloh’s writing style and on the backdrop of Abloh’s Wizard of Oz-inspired collection from 2019, dubbed “Virgil’s Sky”.
Window exhibits in certain global cities like NYC, LA, Chicago, London, Milan, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and more also display three memorable quotes by Abloh on the same background. We mourn the loss of this creative revolutionary, best described in his own words,

“I’m a dreamer. I think about how my ideas can impact or bring a different voice to the rest of the world.”


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