Lucky day in Paris


Hello everyone..
I just wanted to share what I (technically my dad) could score in Paris (FSH)
So my dad had a business trip to Paris from March 2-6 and as usual i requested my dad to buy an Hermes bag.
He got the appointment on 2nd attempt on 3rd of March at 11:30 AM
He said there’s not much customers on that day so i could hope what i was looking for.
He gave my wishlist to lovely SA and around 15-20 mins later he came back with 2 boxes.
My dad was on phone with me all the time.
And he came back my dad asked Our SA to talk to me on the phone. He said he could get exactly what I was looking for that us Kelly 28 Retourne Togo Black with ghw.. i was like shocked for I’ve been trying to get this bag everytime I’m in Paris and got disappointed for at least 3 times already..
And then in my wishlist, there’s a mini C.. and that he said he couldn’t get a mini C but instead he could find a very new Hermes bag which is Hermes 2002 in brigton bleu in evercolor leather.
I couldn’t really express my happiness at that time. And ofcourse we took both of the bags.
Special Thanks to my Daddy for fulfilling my wish all the time and ofcourse our kind SA.