My Holy Grail Bag is not a Kelly or a Birkin Anymore


… ‘At this moment´shall be a more correct title for this little contemplation, as I had a few HGs during my so far very hectic handbag journey.
We all know our preferences change with time, our current life, business and social situations and nevertheless with fashion itself.
I am no exception, often asking myself THE question: Will it ever end?! So many times my heart was feeling finally at peace thinking ‘Ok, this is it! Your collection is perfectly complete’, just to discover I NEED one more piece of this and that and that and this and only THEN will it be over and done with.
I remember how I started with bigger bags (in the past, I used to collect Hermés only) when a birkin 40 was just perfect in my eyes. Today, not only are birkins off my list but with Kellys, I don’t go bigger than 32.
I used to love shiny crocodile, Vert Emerald being my HG for quite a long time. Once the bag was delivered (a horseshoe shiny Kelly 25 with gold hdw) the thrill was gone. Shiny crocs are tricky to pull off and what is even more challenging- they are real high maintenance. No spilling, not a drop of rain, no sweaty hands. I contemplated the baby powder, but I’d rather leave that for sports.
Then my HG taste shifted to chévre. Yummy, shiny, rare. I still do have a soft spot for the skin, but not even slightly as much as before.
One of my latest HGs was a black sellier kelly in Epsom I have bought not so long ago. I loved the rigidness and structure of it, the symmetry of it, the gold hardware shining against the noir. I loved the classic shape and vibe of the bag, the raw edges and the contrast it created when I wore it casually with jeans and sneakers. The love lasted until I realised I am not such a fan of Epsom leather and the boxy shape in general, after all. ?
Then my interest shifted from Hermés altogether, bringing me back to Chanel and their limited pieces.
My closet has a few of those and to be completely honest, many of them were my holy grails at one point in time.
It almost seems like I am a bit of a HG ‘concubine’ ?, but hands on our hearts, ladies- is it even possible to have only one holy grail bag per life?
Alas, since this topic IS about that (fictional or not) one, mine shall be my latest acquisition, which I’ve waited a few years for and I consider it to be truly something special.
When I saw the bag in ‘normaľ skin first, I was on a fence. It looked like something a handyman may carry (hence the name of the bag itself), it was kind of funny, whimsical and classic at the same time. What’s most important though- it didn’t seem to go out of my head. With time, it grew on me so much that when it was time to make my next SO, I didn’t hesitate a second.
After all these years and all these bags I really think this bag has a special place in my wardrobe and in my heart. It is so unusual, yet so spectacular, I really can’t imagine now anything can beat it: my Hermés toolbox in Hermés’ most precious black matte Porosus crocodile skin with special- commissioned permabrass hardware. Thank you for letting me share! ???

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This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! L❤VE everything about it! Exquisite, modern, classic, and sublime all at once. Phenomenal! If I ever chose to reenter back into the handbag (most likely H) arena, this would tempt me. Can you fault me? ?

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What a beauty! Congratulations.!!!

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