Review and Reveal: The Chanel Gabrielle Bag


Hello all :)

I am Selin, as known as @life_and_style_tips on IG :)

I am happy to share my latest Chanel reveal with you. As many of you might already knew that i have couple of colourful bags. But i have not got one single black bag :) Well until this week. Unbelievable right?

Every time i went to store to buy a black bag, i ended up getting the colourful ones; like neon yellow, purple or coral :D So i could not buy a perfect black bag for my collection. When i see “Gabrielle” bags for the first time, i was kinda shocked and i did not like them at all. However, in a very short time, these bags started to grow in me. I really loved the all black one and the metallics one. However i had no chance to try them in real life.

One day, i visited Chanel and saw the Medium size in black. I really really love it!! But it was too big for me. And i was wanting the bronze colour (not black again :D ) Anyway, my SA promised me that she will call me first when/if they receive the small bronze. And couple of days later, my SA called me and told me that they received only one small Gabrielle but not bronze, only black. It was a very busy day for me, and i was really wanting the bronze one so i said no. To be honest, i was unhappy to say no and it was really haunting me :) then i learnt that it was sold in minutes.. Typical Chanel :)

3 days ago, i was passing by Chanel while going to my Doc’s office and i decided to say hello to my SA. When she saw me she directly ran to me and said that they received a small Gabrielle again in the previous evening and it is all black again. I decided to try it and i LOVED it!! i think Gabrielle is way more prettier in real than the pics. If you have not tried them yet, you should really try them! I think it is very important to find the perfect size for you.. After that, it is all love. I am pretty sure that i will look for the bronze one too. I really loved the various ways of wearing it, so cool :) and i have to say, after other customers saw it on me, they asked for it but it was sold to a weird woman who has not got any black bag before :D

I hope you like the story behind my latest reveal and my very 1st black bag. Now i leave some photos of Gabrielle bag for you to check.

Enjoy :)

Note: the first pic is Medium size. Others are all small size.


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