I will start my guest blogging here on boptalk to introduce myself! I am Eva, 33 years old from Norway but live in Switzerland with the love of my life ❤️Francois

I am a showjumping rider and a designer of equestrian wear for our own company and brand Pro Horse International

For my 31 year old birthday I got the legend, Hermès Birkin 35, red! I had no idea the bag was so difficult to get, and at this point I thought if you had the money for a Birkin or a Kelly you could just go in to the shop and buy what they had in stock! I was working a lot with the horses at this time and many times I was riding from 06.00 in the morning before I meet my man in the afternoon for meetings and dinner in town! I was often tired in my arms from the riding and to carry the Birkin for hours and hours with a lot of stuff inside was heavy! My man wanted me to use the bag as much as possible, so I started to use it as a stable bag, if it was raining I would stuff my helmet inside to keep the riding helmet dry, I would bring it to the stables with clothes for me to change in to after riding, or as a groom bag for my horses brushes!

Fun fact, we have 10 horses and 7 of them are orange (chestnut) so orange horses!
-here’s Duc De Mariposa, he’s orange and he loves Hermès to!

I am totally fashion crazy and I buy dresses, skirts and tops for casual wear, and pullovers, t-shirts and longed sleeved t-shirts for using in the stables! -only the big brands please! Hermès, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton are the favorites.

It takes a lot of hours of shopping to build up a clothes collection for stables, for everyday and also for party life ! + I needed bags, watches and jewelry to go with everything. Not to forget the horses, a horse for this use as I have, cost from 100 000 euro and up to millions. So I was busy with arranging all this and my horse instagram was growing so I did not have in my mind to buy another Hermès bag. Not before I discovered Pursebop!
I was sold! OMG! Her taste, class, the exciting life, all the accessories! The talent for putting the perfect combinations of items together! I mean wow! I started to read all the posts on boptalk, and quickly understood the value of owning a B or a K! The honor you should let yourself feel while carrying it!

At the same time I looked at my Birkin, that has been very much miss-used by me and the horses. The leather is incredible, and the color is still the same good, but the poor Togo leather has been a bit stretched out and sunk together, probably cause I stuffed to many things in it..

So I felt it necessary to get another Hermès bag, preferred the Kelly since I am already are a Birkin owner!

Francois my man knows me and I have my birthday in May, so if he’s going to get me the fashion items I wish for, from the spring summer collection he had to start the shopping early and hide it for me at home! I knew he already had bought a lot, and I have just got two new horses, but in the very last days of January I told him I would like to have a Kelly bag for my birthday. He started to plan straight away and on the 31 of January we went to Geneva to put my name on the list! I was at this point nr 200. They said it would take one year.

Francois was of course very displeased with this and send me off to Paris! For 3 days! But it was a snow storm there and they did not get any delivery’s at that time. All traffic was stopped.

Francois went to buy loads of things for himself at the Hermès shop in Geneva , I asked what nr I was on the list, if something had moved at all, they gladly told us I was now nr 90 on the wait list. But that they I would get a Kelly bag for me before my birthday they doubt.

I went home, created my fashion Instagram @evaul_fashion and got in contact with the amazing Mrs PurseBop! She featured one of my post on her Instagram page boptalk, so I went to Geneva and proudly showed them this! I mean! PurseBop is a queen to us!

After two weeks I tried the Hermes shop in Cannes, I was there anyway for a jumping competition. I just got empty handed out of the Hermès Cannes when they called me from Hermes Geneva! They had a Kelly they wanted to show me! I got the Hermès call the 14 of Mars, so I only had to wait 5-6 weeks! And I thank Mrs Pursbop for this

How brand new my Kelly looks like you can see on my Instagram page @evaul_fashion or maybe @pursebop will repost it, I made a little film how the whole day went! From i got the call and went to Hermes in Geneva! And I promise, it’s not going to be a stable bag!
I tried to post the pictures of the bag here, but I guess I already had posted way to many pictures already! Thank you so much for reading and PLEASE go to my Instagram and check out my new Kelly

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Okey, the queen MRS Pursebop told me how to post the pics of the bag, so here it comes =)

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