My Very First BopTalk post had to be about my recent experience at 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré


Part 1️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ? in Paris ?
My recent experience at #Hermès Faubourg Saint Honoré was nothing short of startlingly amazing ???. We arrived in Paris May 1st on a Sunday afternoon from a relaxing vacation in Spain. We enjoyed strolling around the beautiful city, sipping on Angelina’s divine hot chocolate and eating way too many macaroons than one should ? #Clichés

Monday morning was designated for ? shopping and luckily our hotel was a short walk away. I arrived to FSH at 10 am in the company of hubby and toddler. I was surprised to witness the ridiculously long line formed outside of the boutique. As I walked passed the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice that majority of the ladies were armed with twilly-adorned Birkins or Kellys on their arms. In awe of the abundant ladies toting exotic designer bags, I took my spot at the end of the line slightly anxious to know we all share the same common goal.

Part 2️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ? in Paris ?
As I waited on line, I tried to recall all the tips and successful experiences fellow Instagram members were kind enough to share . I composed a “game plan” ⛹? in mind and decided to follow it step by step. My 2️⃣ cents & tips on how to score ? in ?? will follow ?. .

To my surprise the line moved fairly quick and before I knew it, I was at the very front??.
A beautiful and young French female SA greeted us with a smile, apologized for the wait ,and asked if we would like something to drink. She kindly asked me to follow her to the side and quickly put pen to paper with my preferences ?.

I mentioned I own a couple Birkins in 35cm and carrying it for an extended period of time results in tired and sore arms ?????. Out came the “Floor Sample Birkins” (only in Paris ?) Togo Blue Sapphire B30 and Epsom Etoupe B25?. I was ecstatic to play around with them as both exact colors were on my wish list ??Together, we concluded B30 would be an ideal size for me although I was deeply charmed with the cuteness of the B25.
As to colors ??, contrary to popular advice, I decided to ask for specific names rather than “color groups”. I mentioned Blue Sapphire, Blue Nuit, Black, Etoupe, Vert Olive, Vert Anglais, Canopee and lastly, my holy grail ? Malachite. She hesitated and said Malachite was rather rare and asked if I would be interested in any seasonal colors in bright shades of orange and blue. Needless to say, I politely declined. At this point, I am very selective of the size and colors I desire ??. I had no preferences for hardware or leather (with the exception of swift ? too delicate for these hands) And then, she uttered the words “No deliveries were made this morning” ???and my heart quickly sank ?. I knew this wasn’t a good sign ?. Nonetheless I handed over my passport with no previous purchase history and was told to politely wait.

Part 3️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ? in Paris ?
Can you hear my heart palpitations❓
Can you imagine my sweaty palms tingling in anticipation for her return❓
At last, after what seemed to be an eternity ⏳ she emerged from behind the counter empty handed.
No, I wasn’t invited to go “upstairs” but I was asked to follow my Parisian HFairy✨ to the Men’s RTW department for a more convenient and quiet area. There it was, a medium sized orange box sitting pretty on the counter. ?

My HFairy✨ swiftly removed the lid, gracefully peeled off the tissue paper and exposed the dust bag. She mentioned I will be exceptionally delighted as it is one of my favorite colors ?
There it was, in my perfect specs my first Birkin 30, Togo leather, GHW in my holy grail color- malachite ?
I was the happiest girl in the whole boutique ??????
I thanked her profoundly and purchased a Fourbi (bag insert) and a Bearn in Blue Electric as my very first Hermès wallet ?

Part 4️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ? in Paris ? #GossipGirlStyle
Hey there! ??
Gossip Girl here, there’s nothing I like better than a surprise and S.M has a two-for-one special.
Some gifts are for keeps.
Other present come when you least expect them ?.
And I gotta say, no one saw this one coming ?? .
Spotted in Paris ??,
S.M beaming with excitement at Hermès nearly vacant Men’s RTW department with the new Malachite Birkin in the nook of her arm.
It was love at first sight, the deep green hue made her twirl in delight.
Busy picking out her first Hermes wallet, she is unaware that her Mystery Man, lets refer to him as Mr. M ?, suddenly got a healthy appetite for certain hand-made leather goods. ?? .
Mr. M ? is a confident and charming fella who doesn’t take “NO” for an answer.
He wants a second bag, he says, to surprise another woman in his life, mother dearest.
Wait and behold, a box appears. #Orange or #RougePivoine H Fairy✨ asks, which would she like ❓
And just like that against all odds, Mr. M walked out with more than one Hermès medium sized box. ??
Can you dare believe or shall we seek proof?
Spotted, S.M and her Mystery Man at L’Avenue eating lunch and can barely believe their great luck ?

XOXO #SMtraveldiaries

For Part 5️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles let’s play a mind game or two ⛹?
What is hiding in ? box number 2️⃣⁉️
I will grant you a clue??,
It has four feet but is not an animal??. . .
Yet it is guaranteed to cause quite a scandal??
It has a Clochette & Lock but is not a door?. . .
It has Sangles and a Plaque and sure was hard to score??…
It has a handle or two but who is counting ??…
My Mother-In-Law is certainly not frowning. ?
Special thanks to @pursebop for the quick Hermès Bag Anatomy lesson ?

Answer to the riddle from Part 5️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles
“I try not to break the rules but merely to test their elasticity” ? #MyHermesChronicles
The answer to the riddle is now apparent.
You are all exceptionally clever or perhaps I was too transparent. ?
Here she is standing on 4 feet, Clochette & Lock in pouch.
Sangles and a Plaque in full sight.
Oh she sure does have not 1️⃣ but 2️⃣ handles to grab and hold.
Without further delay, I present to you this #RougePivoine Birkin30 knowing we struck pure gold?✨

Part 6️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ??
It’s been a little while so let’s rewind and set the mood ⌛️,
Early May, Parisian spring is in full swing and a twenty-five year old is acting like a kid in a candy store???.
This store is located at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and sweets are not on the menu.
Instead, scrumptious leather goods are on display and a signature leather aroma evokes all the senses ?
2️⃣ Birkins, couple small leather goods ,and few pairs of shoes later and we’re out the door en route to our lunch spot at L’Avenue ? (Hermès will deliver straight to your hotel within the same day ?) .

As soon as the #Hermès spell wears off and the adrenaline rush dispels, I realize that I completely forgot to ask my HFairy✨ for her contact information ?????? I was determined to come back the following day, with less than 24 hours left in the City of Lights.
I marched in Tuesday afternoon on a 2️⃣ part mission. Firstly, hoping to spot my HFairy✨in this busy beehive and secondly, to purchase my darling mom something special for the upcoming Mothers Day. ?I asked for her by name and the hostess was kind enough to call over my HFairy✨ I thanked her profoundly for making my first experience at FSH nothing short of amazing?.

Together we decided that an Evelyne GM bag (as supposed to Jypsiere 28) would serve as a great first Hermès bag for my mom. #ChanelLady
After all, it is quintessential Hermès in its simplicity yet practicality. It’s chic, it’s durable and it’s easy to carry❗️ We discussed colors and Gold came to mind immediately. I just adore the contrast white stitching against this classic camel color ✔️.
My HFairy✨ came back after 10 minutes with the flat orange box for my beloved mom and a small orange box for yours truly. I was delighted to see a PM #RodeoCharm I had asked for the day prior but unfortunately was completely sold out ?.
Apparently, these little 2 legged stuffed Milo leather Rodeos are in higher demand than B➕K❗️ .
Thanks to Part 6️⃣ of #MyHermesChronicles ?? my mother is a happy owner of her very first Hermès bag, Evelyne in GM size in classic Gold.
Nothing more, never less. ?

Little Extra:
From Paris with L.O.V.E ??.
L- (nearly) Lost a finger ?? trying to get my hands on a pair of these highly sought after #LaMaisondesCarres Twilly. FSH is not known for an abundant stock of twillys.
O- Orange au Feu, Celeste, and Bleu Grigri #RodeoCharm in size PM. My toddler thinks these are for his own viewing pleasure. He likes to squeeze the life out of them ??
V- Veau Togo #DogoDue wallet in classic Gold for MIL, hubby’s pick before he miraculously charmed his way to Birkin #️⃣2 ??. Features a removable change purse with additional 2 credit card slots.
E- Electric ⚡️ Blue #Béarn in Epsom calfskin as my first Hermès wallet ? #MyHermesChronicles

If you made it to the bottom of the page, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my story! Hope you enjoyed reading it!
-StyledByShiShi IG

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What a rich and vibrant story! My favourite part was you selecting your Mother’s very first H bag. My Mother is also a #ChanelLady (and a #DiorLady) and I have yet to be able to get her to cross over to the orange side. I should just do what you did and present her with a carefully selected first bag. I hope some day to get back to Paris and try my luck at FSH now that I’ve been bitten by the H bug too

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Such a lovely story!!! I’m so excited your first FSH experience was so amazing!! I’ll channel your good vibes next time I go bc having been several times on four different trips has not yielded a bag yet! I think you truly got an H fairy and I can’t wait to meet mine in the future! ??????

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Wow loved reading your post! #HermesChronicles is such a creative idea and the gossip girl style riddles in the middle were really fun. You walked away with some incredible items. <3

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