Natural or Manmade? How do you sparkle?


Sure, it’s a pivot from purses, but indulge us this one. Nor are we talking about breasts or butts (or any other body parts). But (haha) as we dive further into engagement season, if all that glitter is not gold, does it matter whether all that sparkles is a natural-occurring diamond?

Lab grown diamonds, as opposed to naturally-occurring diamonds, are a growing area in the jewelry market. Initially, there were concerns it could cut into and adversely affect the classic diamond market, attracting customers with lower prices, bigger stones and plenty of sparkle. Now, experts are wondering whether it could help, especially now that De Beers (diamond industry leader) has established its own division for lab-made gems called Lightbox. Interestingly, this move has brought down the cost of the created stones, cleaving a larger wedge in pricing between natural and manmade.

We’re just curious: would you choose a lab grown diamond (ring) or diamonds (stud earrings) over the mined kind? Let’s discuss.

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Photo courtesy: @damianijewellers