Hermès Silk Scarf Customization on the European Website


Dear Pursebop Readers and Hermès enthusiasts,

Last year Hermès hopped on the train of personalization and started to offer Small leather goods such as the famous Bastia and Calvi wallet to be customized.
Now Hermès released a wonderful new “customization invention” and keeping us Europeans busy on their website during this lockdown period.
They have just launched some silk scarves to be customized on the bottom right corner.

Isn’t it super trendy and thoughtful making customized gifts these days? Even if it’s just for yourself?

Hermès is really rocking it at the moment and giving this very classic piece of accessory a total new modern glam 😍
Also please check out at the website of how many ways a 90x90cm silk scarf can be worn! It’s so brilliant and I personally will totally wear my own silk scarf in summer NOT just around my neck.

You can choose out of 17 different scarves and have the choice between 3 different fonts.
With 24 characters you can choose either your full name or write a small mantra as your personalization.
With some scarves you can also change the color of your personalization.
And within 10 days it should be ready for shipping – how cool is that?

Lots of Love,