New system at FSH


I had the chance to experience the very old system when you walked in at FSH and met a SA back in January of 2016. Loved that system which was less stressful and more pleasant the visit.

Also had the experience with line up system in February of 2017.
My experience was so good so far. Went in line at 9am and only 10 people in front of me. My appointment was made for 30 minuets after store opened and my SA came to meet me. So far another lucky trip!

But the new system! Oh the new system is no bueno in my opinion. I had the chance to experience the online appointment system in novemeber of 2017 and not good. First day I didn’t get an appointment which was shocking! Second day I got an appointment and went to my appointment next day. It was a straight no from my SA, even though I keep a great relationship with her. But she explained to me that time was no good because they’re holding stock for Christmas and I should return another day.
Tried another appointment and didn’t get it. Then got another one in my very last day in Paris. Luckily I was driving to Amsterdam and didn’t have to rush to catch a plane or a train. Even though I was trying to beat traffic.
By that time I was already in disbelief that something would happen.
I met my SA again and she walked away then came back with a box which was a big surprise for me!!
I got offered the bag I asked for. Same color, same leather, same hardware but not size.
I didn’t let the size be an issue because I only had 2 more hours before traffic started and by that point I was already rushing to go home and squeeze my little baby!
I got my Kelly 35 Sellier in black Epsom leather with gold hardware!!! Yayyyyy

Walked out with a big smile and went back to my hotel to check out.

Put my stuff in the car then I decided to go back to FSH to hang out, then another miracle happened…. to be continued!

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This is so exciting, thank you for sharing. I look forward to part 2!

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