No Chanel IPO in the Near Future


Image courtesy @thetinybagprincess


If you’re hoping to own a piece of Chanel, you’re going have to stick with one of its fashion or beauty offerings. Think ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and makeup. Because the privately-held company is staying that way – private.

Asked by the Financial Times, as reported in Seeking Alpha,  about plans for an IPO (that is, and Initial Public Offering of stock), Chanel CEO Leena Nair says it’s not happening. Chanel intends to remain private and independent. That means none of us can purchase shares or ADRs to own a piece of the company. Our only Chanel investment opportunity is in its fashionable products.

Regarding current sales, Nair said Chanel sees a post-pandemic rebound in China right now, but is more uncertain about the United States.

Would you have wanted to purchase Chanel stock? Or prefer to stick with handbags and RTW? Let us know.